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I have been providing technical leadership for companies for over 15 years. However, my software engineering experience extends back over 25 years to when I was developing PostScript printer drivers for the ProWorks Corporation while attending middle school. I left high school early and had already earned my college degree by the time the rest of my peers were graduating high school.

Currently, I am a Developer Educator for Twilio. Prior to that, I served as both IT Director and Software Engineering Director for Therapeutic Research Center (TRC). I guided the company from a print-based newsletter company to an online information services company. Prior to my tenure with TRC, I served as R&D Manager for Argos Software and Senior Programmer/Analyst with Cascade Data Solutions.

I love all aspects of building highly scalable systems, including both hardware and software design. I always prefer a simple design over a complex one. Complexity for its own sake sounds like an obviously bad idea, but, as engineers, we are constantly tempted to implement the awe-inspiring – maybe even intimidating – monument to our coding prowess. I submit, however, that it takes more chops and creativity to solve the problem at hand with the simplest solution possible.

Of course, not all problems are simple ones. I like to address the real-life complexities of business problems with a well-composed collection of smaller, loosely-coupled systems. Loose coupling is one of the pillars of my design philosophy, hence the name of this blog… Loosely Coupled Labs.

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